Thursday, April 8, 2010


In my last post I bragged up my baby a little bit saying that he is the worlds happiest baby. Well, I figured I had better back that statement up with some proof or I am just gonna look like one of these over-crazed mothers that thinks her kids are the best. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am most definitely an over-crazed mother who thinks her kids are the best but.... That particular statement was based on fact not on craziness ;)


On March 15Th, Aidan had a bit of a temperature and was breathing a little funny so I took him in to emergency here at Abbotsford hospital. LONG story short, it turned out that Aidan had a respiratory infection called RSV (which all kids get by the time they are two) but because Aidan has suffered with issues in the past (such as croup) his little body was not able to fight off the infection and he ended up with Pneumonia as well. On top of Pneumonia he also ended up contracting the flu. So... my little baby had a respiratory infection, pneumonia, AND the flu all at the same time. He was immediately hospitalized upon first visit to the ER for 5 days. In that 5 days he received an IV (which took the nurses 8 tries before they actually got the stupid needle in a vein), countless trips to the xray room where he was strapped to a table for chest xrays, tonnes of blood work, and a Ventolin mask every 4 hours for 5 days. After the 5 days was through the doctor decided to let Aidan come home. Well, we were home for 1 night and then Aidan ended up spiking a temperature of 106 - I obviously freaked out and called 911 (I know, I know) and my sweet little baby was rushed back to the hospital in an ambulance (I will just add that while he was in the ambulance with a fever of 106, he was laughing with the paramedic who was playing little games while trying to fill him full of Tylenol!) Anyways, doctors took another chest xray and some more blood work and then sent him home again and said everything was fine. Yeah right! Aidan got to bed at 4:30am that day and by 9am (when he finally woke up) he couldn't even hold his own head up. He just layed on my living room floor completely still, moving nothing but his eyes (literally). So, after a quick freak out call to one of my girlfriends, I called Dan home from work and rushed Aidan back to the ER. I wasn't in the waiting room 5 minutes before a doctor came over and said "yeah, that baby's not going anywhere, we need to get him hooked back up to an IV right now!". So, yet again, Aidan was being poked with a massive needle.. only this time, his poor arms and feet were so bruised ( from the first IV debacle)that they were not actually able to find a vein. So on to plan B....... Aidan was rushed back up to pediatrics where they set him up with a feeding tube (how enjoyable)which dropped 2ml of pedialite every hour into his tummy. He was admitted for another 4 days for severe dehydration. In this 4 days he endured 2 more chest xrays, 2 more sets of blood work, and a Ventolin mask every 4 hours for the entire stay. Finally on day 9 of being in the hospital, Aidan was released with a pretty much clean bill of health and was able to come home to his family.

MY POINT in all of this is: Even though Aidan suffered 2 weeks of torture ( and I do mean torture) he did nothing but smile, laugh, and woo every person that walked into his room. Literally 30 seconds after he was put in a straight jacket and had a giant needle shoved into his foot, he was laughing. I kid you not, I had nurses (who were not Aidans) stopping by daily saying "we heard there is a really sweet baby in this room" .... and he is, a really really sweet baby.

I've included some pictures of Aidan near the end of his stay, right after he got his feeding tube out :)

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  1. I am truly enjoying your blog. you have a nice story telling style. It is nice to read through the stories about your family (even if I already know them).

    Love Christina